Welcome! Let’s get active…

Hello there! We are 4 monsters that guide children in staying active year-round!

Check out some Sports drills for daily exercises, so kids can advance their skills in sports.

Bandaid Hand

learn about children’s health and well Being.

Share your knowledge and experience with others who are also trying to heal.

encourage kids to Set some goals and share your results in the comments below.

Here are some recent entries…

when kids complete a goal, collect a trophy to add to their collection!

A reward can help increase self-esteem in a child and will improve the relationship you have with them. A digital trophy case sheet is available for parents/teachers to download. Add trophy stickers to your printed trophy sheet, books, tablet or phone!

Daily drills, when practiced correctly, can help children focus on a specific skill, such as hitting balls, catching, footwork agility, jumping, running, sprinting or more.

Click to start! (note: you will be redirected to online stopwatch)

Challenge kids of all ages to set their own records in track and field!

The Olympic 100-meter race determines who is the “fastest man on earth.Usain Bolt had a record time of 9.81 seconds in the 2016 Rio Olympics and owns the all-time record with a time of 9.58 seconds.

Set a track and field goal and use the clock below to start stopwatch. Share your results in the comments below to inspire other young athletes in setting goals.

Share about a health or sporting event in your community, such as youth martial arts or a school soccer game.

The event will then be added and accessible using the search bar at the top of the page.

Check out some free downloads or explore the monster shop for stickers and other items you can buy! Monster app coming soon…

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Click on staying active to get started!

hey kids – Get out there and play!

A Monster 4 All Seasons © 2021

One thought on “Welcome! Let’s get active…

  1. My goal was to complete 25 pull ups without stopping.
    I was able to do this after 1 week of training. I started with 5 and moved up another 3-5 each day, until I reached 25.

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